This program has been designed to meet the needs of Architects, Engineers, Building Officials, Contractors and anyone else who has to use the Building Code.

The repetitive and time consuming aspect of navigating through the code has been replaced by a simple two or three step process. Answering a few simple questions about the building or space is all that is required. The program automatically analyses the code and displays the pertinent sections of the code for you to use as the basis of your design. No more cases of forgetting crucial items that will haunt you later. All the relevant items are presented in a clear, neat fashion in a document that can be printed, or saved in the computer for later use. 

The program is divided into seven sections as seen in the image above. Each section is designed to focus on often used and critical components of the building design. To view demonstrations of the program over the web, please click 'View Demos'.

Questions or Comments? sales@ontariobuildingcode.com